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Breeding to Improve Each Alpaca Colorfully

As we visited farms and attended shows during our research stage, we were very drawn to the lovely spectrum of alpaca fleece color.  When we began our selection, we decided to focus on what we loved and we loved the colors--all of them--from snowy white to vicuna fawn, from coffee & cream brown to royal maroon, and from silver and rose gray to blue black, and everything in between. With all aspects of sound health, correct conformation and quality fiber in mind, our foundation herd was chosen to reflect the wonderful color diversity of alpacas. We did our research on bloodlines and have chosen quality American bred alpacas from diverse genetic backgrounds. Our herd represents over twenty excellent huacaya bloodlines of Peruvian, Chilean, and Bolivian descent (see herd bloodline list below) .


1. To breed for healthy, hardy, well-conformed alpacas from diverse, quality bloodlines.
2. To breed for quality fleece: dense, fine fiber with good character in a broad spectrum of lovely alpaca colors.
3. To breed to improve each alpaca offspring for the enhancement of the North American herd.

Blood Lines Represented in our Herd

  • PPeruvian Pluro (Ross AOA)
  • 5Peruvian Dom Alamir
  • Cisco, Caquena
  • Patagonia's El Guacho 
  • Snowmass Francesco
  • Pewter Jr.
  • PPeruvian Felix 
  • PPeruvian Camilio (PCA Peruvian Microsoft)
  • PPPeruvian El Moustachio 
  • Peruvian Drambuie (Peruvian Olympus)
  • Peruvian Hemingway (Snowmass Peruvian Creampuff)
  • PPeruvian Victor
  • NWA, LTD Ike
  • Peruvian Leon 
  • Peruvian Bueno (Maple Brook Fandango)
  • Peruvian Whiteout (Peruvian Frostbite)
  • Sinopsis Nocturna
  • 4Peruvian Black Magic
  • Peruvian Midnight Express
  • Peruvian Silvio
  • Premier's Absolute
  • Snowmass Don Julio
  • 5 Peruvian Royal Inca Legend
  • Rosario
  • PPPeruvian Prestige
  • Cloud 9 Comet


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