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We are little farm friendly at little circle farm alpacas and pleased to offer two special features for little farms. (1) MOBILE MATING! No one likes sending off their dams with newborn crias and not seeing the precious pair back until the baby is half grown. This is especially true on the little farm where the departure may represent a significant proportion of the herd. And so we are offering, at no extra charge, Mobile Mating services for new mothers. We'll bring the sire to your farm, within a two-hour driving distance of Penrose, CO. Call us for the details at 719-372-0897. (2) BREEDING DISCOUNTS FOR LITTLE FARMS! We also offer a 15% discount for any mobile, or on-our-farm breeding for "little" farms. Qualifying farms must have 10 or fewer alpacas listed in the current year's AOBA membership directory.

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